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A dyed-in-the-wool European | Le Temps – Switzerland

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Laschet should take advantage of his strengths now, advises Le Temps:

“The large downside for Armin Laschet is that he’s supported above all by the CDU management, which is refusing to carry a ballot among the many remainder of the social gathering. This lack of grassroots legitimacy may work in opposition to him on 26 September. To reverse this pattern, the Francophile ex-MEP should do numerous convincing – and fast. In the middle of his profession, he has confirmed that he’s a fighter. Furthermore, like Merkel, he embodies a centrism that’s appreciated in his nation, in addition to stability, a advantage revered by the Germans. He is a dyed-in-the-wool European and appears to be the particular person greatest outfitted to map out the position of a powerful Germany within the European live performance.”

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