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A union with Moscow wouldn’t carry peace | – Ukraine

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Belarus can not afford to chop financial ties with Russia, warns Duma:

“Belarus is likely one of the largest producers of dairy merchandise in Europe, however these are completely exported to Russia. Will the following Minsk authorities depart this market? The EU will not let Belarusian dairy farmers enter its market and so they’ll find yourself on the road – like in Ukraine, the place pro-European farmers at the moment are tearing their hair out as a result of the EU got here up with fictional quotas to stop them from accessing its supposedly free market. Kyiv has reduce financial ties with Russia and destroyed total sectors of its economic system. And now the Ukrainians are working by the hour as taxi drivers, cleaners, waiters or care givers in Central Europe. Tikhanovskaya is getting ready the identical destiny for the Belarusians.”

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