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Dancing on the vulcano | NRC Handelsblad – Netherlands

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NRC Handelsblad considers it irresponsible to take out new debt within the present financial scenario:

“The unusual factor is that so little is thought in regards to the menace [of an economic crisis]. The whole lot has gone again to the way in which it was earlier than, with the distinction that rather more is being purchased on credit score and a substantial proportion of the financial system relies on the state. The entire state of affairs harks again to the orchestra on the Titanic, persevering with to play whereas the luxurious cruise ship sank. Investing to get out of the disaster is now the motto in The Hague. This can be a daring and radical change after all in comparison with the strategy taken in earlier financial crises. The query is how a lot of a burden this will probably be for future generations.”

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