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Handed the acid check | La Repubblica – Italy

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The Republic stands and falls with its residents, thinker Massimo Cacciari stresses in La Stampa:

“To be accountable means to be in a reciprocal relationship with each other, and to see this as a necessary issue of 1’s personal identification. With out such residents there will be no republic. … So if we have now governments that rule irrationally, father-state governments or oligarchic-authoritarian pseudo-republics, such aberrations can solely occur with our complicity. … The democratic republic is definitely the regime that comes closest to freedom. But it surely wants residents who need to be free, and who search to beat the opposite trait that’s inherent to us, which leads us into bondage via indolence, laziness and cowardice. It’s a wrestle inside ourselves that we should wage on daily basis anew.”

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