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Political points are secondary right here | La Repubblica – Italy

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Český rozhlas additionally has difficulties discovering any explicit symbolic worth on this settlement:

“Each the Emirates and Bahrain are very totally different from Egypt and Jordan [the countries with which Israel has signed peace agreements]. They’re small, wealthy international locations, a great distance away from Israel and the Palestinian Nationwide Authority. They aren’t neighbours of Israel, they don’t have any territorial dispute with Israel, they haven’t been straight at conflict with Israel. For them, the battle towards ‘Zionism’ has at all times been extra a query of pan-Arab solidarity, and so they discover it simpler to desert this political programme. On the identical time, making peace with them doesn’t carry the identical symbolic worth for the entire area as Israel’s settlement with Egypt and Jordan as soon as did. To not point out the significance that peace between Israel and Syria, Iraq or Saudi Arabia would have.”

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