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This Day in Historical past: June 10

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On this present day, June 10 …

2016: Gawker files for bankruptcy after losing an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit introduced by professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.

Additionally on this present day:

  • 1692: The primary execution ensuing from the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts takes place as Bridget Bishop is hanged.
  • 1935: Alcoholics Nameless is based in Akron, Ohio, by Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith and William Griffith Wilson.
  • 1967: Six days of battle within the Mideast involving Israel, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq finish as Israel and Syria accepts a United Nations-mediated cease-fire.
  • 1971: President Richard M. Nixon lifts a two-decades-old commerce embargo on China.
  • 1977:  James Earl Ray, the convicted murderer of Martin Luther King Jr., escapes from Brushy Mountain State Jail in Tennessee with six others; he could be recaptured June 13.
  • 1991: Jaycee Dugard, 11, of South Lake Tahoe, Calif., is kidnapped by Phillip and Nancy Garrido; Jaycee could be held by the couple for 18 years earlier than she was discovered by authorities.
  • 2009: Donald Trump fires Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, who’d sparked controversy when she mentioned gays should not be allowed to marry, citing contract violations.
  • 2014: Home Majority Chief Eric Cantor is defeated by Dave Brat, a little-known economics professor, in Virginia’s Republican main. 
  • 2019: The Justice Division agrees to offer Congress with key proof collected by Particular Counsel Robert Mueller that Democrats consider might make clear attainable alleged obstruction of justice and abuse of energy by President Trump.

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