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Greg Gutfeld on racism and blocking the solar

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“Gutfeld!” host Greg Gutfeld responded to reviews that scientists need to block the solar with a view to stop world warming, as a result of “the solar is racist.” 

“I’m 100% for [turning off the sun], as a result of as you recognize, the solar is racist, as a result of every thing is racist. It’s now simpler simply to make an inventory of issues that aren’t racist, proper, and I got here up with an inventory, and the one factor I discovered that’s not racist, is that feeling I get after I put my finger in my bellybutton. That’s undoubtedly not racist. However every thing else is racist.

Let me let you know what’s behind this solar factor. It’s photo voltaic engineering, proper, which I’m for, as a result of they’re going to have these photo voltaic engineers fly to fiery orb, and place an enormous solar visor over the solar, and that’s going to resolve all our issues. I’m so for this. I’ve had sufficient of the solar. The solar – overrated. All the time up there, following you round.”


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