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Ingraham: Biden ‘propped up’ by ‘unholy alliance of Billionaires and ‘Bolsheviks’

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In her “Ingraham Angle” monologue on Tuesday, host Laura Ingraham warned voters of the “unholy alliance” being cast between rich liberals and radical “Bolshevik” politicians within the Democratic Social gathering like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.

Ingraham stated the 2 sides of the far left are coming collectively to “prop up” Joe Biden with the intention to take energy by proxy if the Delaware Democrat is elected president.

“It is vital that we look at the dual forces behind the Biden candidacy: The billionaires and the Bolsheviks,” she stated.

Ingraham stated former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire media and tech mogul, signaled along with his $100 million pledge to assist Biden in Florida that the “billionaire class” rallying behind the previous vice chairman is turning into nervous.

“Bloomberg hates the tariffs as a result of they make it tougher to do massive offers in China. He is one in every of no less than 132 outstanding billionaires which are supporting Biden. First, there’s [Microsoft co-founder] Invoice Gates. He appears to be rooting for a Biden win in November as properly. In spite of everything, he and Biden similar the similar agenda. They agree on appeasing China, a nationwide masks mandate and no return to normalcy and not using a vaccine.”

Ingraham stated that former Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer is among the many different billionaires backing Biden in hopes of getting access to some levers of energy — and added that Apple founder Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene is an element proprietor of “The Atlantic” journal that ran what the host referred to as a “smear piece” on Trump as a result of she strongly dislikes him.

“They despise President Trump’s America First agenda. The billionaire crowd prefers an America the place there’s all the time a glut of labor. What does that imply? It means there is not any stress on corporations to boost wages.”

Ingraham recommended that the billionaire class within the Democratic Social gathering would not want a “functioning authorities” or regulation and order as a result of they’ve unfettered entry to partitions, helicopters, and personal safety — in an obvious reference to the far-left protesters inflicting violence and unrest in cities from Lancaster, Pa., to Portland, Ore.

“The opposite drive supporting Biden are the modern-day Bolsheviks — the AOC varieties,” Ingraham continued.

“They consider that America is an terrible, rotten, racist nation. They plan to punish anybody that will get in the best way of their cultural revolution,” she stated.


“The novel fringe, they’re going to let billionaires run financial coverage so long as they can run all the pieces else. So AOC’s positive so long as she will be able to do local weather coverage, have a say in the courts, the DOJ. That’s as a result of they’re going to use each instrument within the authorities’s energy to harass Individuals who defy the socialist edicts,” the host warned.

Ingraham stated that if Biden is ready to take energy whereas all of those radical figures are capable of function within the background on their whim, it’s going to create a “lengthy, darkish interval of recriminations and retribution” in America.

“The billionaires don’t love staff that may suppose for themselves and the Bolsheviks do not just like the plenty to be unbiased of presidency management. They type sort of an unholy alliance to show the entire nation right into a large model of Baltimore with a tiny variety of wealthy folks and a variety of poor folks.”

In that regard, she stated there can be no room for a thriving center class.

However, that very same working class has one alternative to stop this radical transformation: voting in November.

“If we need to protect our method of life, if we need to hold the good jobs which were created and the freedoms that Individuals have loved for hundreds of years, we’ll reject Biden, the billionaires and the neo-Bolsheviks.”

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