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NASA chief says Venus is ‘one cease in our seek for life’

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NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine described the planet Venus as “one cease in our seek for life.”

“In the present day, we’re on the cusp of wonderful discoveries that might inform us extra about the opportunity of life off the Earth,” he stated, in a press release. Astrobiology, which incorporates the seek for life elsewhere, is a key precedence at NASA, Bridenstine defined.

Bridenstine cited new analysis from a global crew of astronomers that exposed the invention of a uncommon molecule, phosphine, within the clouds of Venus.

The scientists famous that, on Earth, the fuel is just made industrially or by microbes that thrive in oxygen-free environments.


The analysis, led by Professor Jane Greaves of Cardiff College within the U.Okay., was introduced by the Royal Astronomical Society and printed within the journal Nature Astronomy.

Synthesized false color image of Venus, using 283-nm and 365-nm band images taken by the Venus Ultraviolet Imager (UVI).

Synthesized false coloration picture of Venus, utilizing 283-nm and 365-nm band photographs taken by the Venus Ultraviolet Imager (UVI). (JAXA / ISAS / Akatsuki Challenge Staff)

Bridenstine described the invention as “intriguing,” noting that it may level towards biosignatures. “As is regular in science, the extra we study, the extra questions we’ve,” he stated. “That is the virtuous cycle of discovery, together with the invention of potential biosignatures on different worlds.”

The NASA chief defined that 4 missions are being thought of for as much as two Discovery missions that will probably be chosen in 2021.  “Amongst them are an astrobiology mission to Neptune’s moon Triton and a geological mission to essentially the most volcanically energetic planetary physique within the photo voltaic system, Jupiter’s moon Io,” he stated. “The opposite two missions being thought of have proposed missions to Venus. One is targeted on understanding its environment and the opposite is targeted on understanding Venus’ geological historical past.”


NASA can be partnering with Europe on one other proposed Venus mission referred to as EnVision, in line with Bridenstine.

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