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Why are Twitter, Fb doing bidding of the Biden marketing campaign?

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This can be a rush transcript from “Hannity” October 15, 2020. This copy will not be in its closing type and could also be up to date.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Welcome to “Hannity.” 

Breaking moments in the past, NBC faux information did their finest to simply ambush President Trump at tonight’s city corridor. He just about debated Savannah Guthrie. 

And what all of us witnessed was not journalism. It was a political debate with the morning host of “The At present Present” serving as — properly, Joe Biden’s surrogate and it did not actually work out properly for her. 

Questions, matters, ways all reeking of nothing however pure political bias, in fact. Within the first couple of minutes, the president was as soon as once more requested for the 400 millionth time to repeat what he has mentioned again and again, to sentence white supremacy. Have a look.


SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, NBC NEWS ANCHOR: You had been requested level clean to denounce white supremacy. Within the second, you did not. You are asking follow-up questions, who particularly? 

A few days later, on a distinct present, you denounced white supremacy. 
My query to you is — 

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: No, you at all times do that. 
You’ve got carried out this to me and all people — 

GUTHRIE: — why would not seem to be — 

TRUMP: I denounced white supremacy, OK? 

GUTHRIE: You probably did two days later.

TRUMP: I denounce white supremacy for years, however you at all times do it. You at all times begin off with the query.

GUTHRIE: Nicely — 

TRUMP: You did not ask Joe Biden whether or not or not he denounces Antifa. I watched him in the identical primary present with Lester Holt and he was asking questions like Biden was a toddler.

GUTHRIE: Nicely, so, this can be a little little bit of a dodge — 

TRUMP: Are you listening? I denounce white supremacy.


TRUMP: What’s your subsequent query?

GUTHRIE: Do you are feeling — it feels generally you are hesitant to take action such as you wait — 

TRUMP: Right here we go once more. Each time, in actual fact, my folks got here, I am certain they’re going to ask you the white supremacy query. I denounce white supremacy.



HANNITY: Savannah, you could get out of the New York, liberal elitist, out of contact bubble that you just’re dwelling in and possibly you learn another information or take a step exterior the far left enclave that’s conspiracy TV MSNBC, DNC, President Trump has condemned, Savannah, white supremacy again and again and again and again. 

And should you did not know, you must have identified. 

Have a look.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Have you ever ever heard this president say one unfavourable factor about white supremacists? Have you ever ever heard it? 

TRUMP: I completely disavow the Ku Klux Klan. I completely disavow David Duke.

BIDEN: I received again on this race as a result of what occurred in Charlottesville, folks popping out of the woods carrying torches, their veins bulging, shut your eyes and bear in mind what you noticed. 

And a younger lady will get killed resisting the hate and violence and the president will get requested to remark in and what’s he say? He says they’re very advantageous folks on either side.

TRUMP: And also you had some very dangerous folks in that group, however you additionally had those that had been very advantageous folks on either side. And I am not speaking concerning the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists as a result of they need to be condemned completely.

BIDEN: He would not even condemn David Duke for god’s sake.

TRUMP: I reject David Duke, rejected David Duke. I’ve rejected the KKK, the Ku Klux Klan from the time I am 5 years outdated, I rejected them.


HANNITY: At this level, the abusively biased NBC simply utilizing white supremacy lie is their method once more, as soon as once more, at all times once more to smear the president. 
They do not care about information. They do not care about analysis. They do not care about reality. 

They do not care about basic equity, particularly not MSDNC information which is totally corrupt as we noticed tonight. It’s a conspiratorial wing of the DNC, and principally nothing however state-run tv they’re actively working to elect Sleepy Joe Biden and Guthrie’s personal husband was Al Gore’s touring chief of workers, what a shock.

And for sure, this occasion which was billed as a city corridor was nothing greater than a contentious political debate with Guthrie interrupting the president time and again and once more, all within the title of equity. Have a look.


TRUMP: I felt actually good — 

GUTHRIE: Did the medical doctors ever inform you that they noticed pneumonia in your lungs scans?

TRUMP: No, however they mentioned the lungs are, , slightly bit completely different, slightly bit maybe contaminated and — 

GUTHRIE: Contaminated with?

TRUMP: I do not know. I examined optimistic and — 

GUTHRIE: Let’s speak about testing as a result of there’s slightly little bit of a — I assume confusion about this.

TRUMP: I had no drawback earlier than.

GUTHRIE: Did you check the time without work the talk?

TRUMP: You may’t let this proceed to go on with the lockdowns and I imagine that cities which are run by Democrats who do not know what they’re doing — 

GUTHRIE: All proper. Whereas we’re denouncing, let me ask you about QAnon.

TRUMP: I do know nothing about QAnon.

GUTHRIE: I simply advised you. 

TRUMP: I do know little or no. You advised me, however what you inform me would not essentially make it reality, I hate to say that.


HANNITY: I do know nothing about QAnon. 

By the way in which I’ve had folks attempt to clarify it to me I’ve no clue what this factor is.

Do you suppose that Biden’s receiving the identical remedy over at ABC? After all not, and I am certain former Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos is giving him the white glove remedy, though reviews tonight, Joe Biden utterly melting down.

Becoming a member of us now with extra is FOX Information contributor and, in fact, former — properly, White Home press secretary, Ari Fleischer.

I imply, I do know you’ve got carried out this job. I do know you’ve got handled the media, as corrupt and liberal as they’re, and I am sitting there and I am watching this, I am like, oh, why do not we simply have Joe Biden’s marketing campaign write the questions and argue the talk for Savannah Guthrie? It was that apparent. 

ARI FLEISCHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You already know, Sean, I spent 21 years in Washington as a press secretary and I’ve at all times identified Republicans of an uphill battle. We’ve to be smarter. We’ve to work twice as laborious as Democrats. Democrats get softball questions. Republicans get hardball questions.

However then Donald Trump got here alongside, and something I assumed was laborious it is virtually inconceivable for Trump. I imply, the bias of the media and the way in which they arrive at him, I watched the ABC city corridor as a result of I needed to see how biased it may be I needed to see the kind of questions the viewers was asking. 
I can inform you this, as a result of I watched slightly little bit of Savannah throughout commercials, she interrupted Donald Trump extra in seconds than George Stephanopoulos did to Joe Biden in 60 minutes.

I imply, one was an interrogation, the NBC interview of Donald Trump, and the opposite was a picnic within the park the ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos, completely completely different, need to problem a president, the opposite to elect the president. That is the distinction.

HANNITY: Okay. So, however I assumed, with all of that mentioned, the president mentioned, okay, I will reply it once more. I condemn it once more. So then — I assumed one of many humorous — oh, properly all concerning the QAnon, and he mentioned, probably not, I actually do not — sure, you do. I am like, what does she learn about? 
Are you aware something about it as a result of they write on a regular basis that I do know all about and I do not know all about it?

I simply do not.


FLEISCHER: I — I am in the identical class. I’ve heard of them, principally simply due to Twitter, however I pay no consideration to them. I do know they’re conspiracy theorists, and I do not like conspiracy theorists.

However this drive to get Trump to say issues that he is already mentioned why would not anyone — Trump’s proper, ask Joe Biden about Antifa? George Stephanopoulos didn’t ask him to denounce Antifa by title tonight. I may undergo with you with the listing of issues that George Stephanopoulos didn’t ask Joe Biden about, beginning with “The New York Publish” story, a quite simple query may have been — did you, sure or no, ever meet with anyone from Burisma? Their electronic mail saying that you just did. Are these emails false or did you may have such a gathering? What do you consider massive tech censoring anyone who needs to speak about “The New York Publish” story?

None of that introduced up tonight by George Stephanopoulos.

HANNITY: You already know, I watch all of this, however on the finish of the day, I — as I watched the president once they lastly received to the purpose the place he was interacting with the was imagined to be a city corridor with folks — even those that possibly had been leaning in the direction of Biden, you possibly can simply see that the president has this uncanny skill to warmly join with folks. You already know, now, does he battle? Yeah. Does he battle? Yeah.

However did not that preventing battle result in him holding his guarantees on tax cuts and constructing the wall and ending paperwork and getting us vitality independence and higher commerce deal, and beating the caliphate and Soleimani and Baghdadi and the al Qaeda chief in Yemen? So, on the one hand, he is received either side of this. 

Even the reply on COVID-19, he goes, yeah, I assume I might be hiding within the basement or in a room someplace, however I’ve received to be the president, I’ve dedicated to serve this nation and that takes management. What do you suppose?

FLEISCHER: Yeah, and I believe that is going to be one of many nice points after election day, he has to battle, he has to battle. However, Sean, I’ve at all times made the case he has to dial it down a notch or two. He has to battle greater than anyone as a result of the deck is so stacked towards him, however I additionally suppose he can battle so laborious generally that he turns folks off, and he is carried out generally on Twitter, he is carried out generally within the direct issues he mentioned, and that is a tonal query. I do not suppose he needs to show it down. 

And I fear about that as a result of I do suppose that is damage him significantly with loads of suburban ladies, lots of people who was Republicans who aren’t Republican they are not snug with him. Is he too sizzling to deal with? 

So, he has to seek out that line between being himself, being the powerful man, the fighter however not go too far. 


HANNITY: See, I felt he hit that again — it was humorous as a result of I’ve listened to you say that and I felt he hit that steadiness tonight. I felt it was, okay


HANNITY: Okay, Savannah, I will reply the query for the 400th time, solutions it, she’s arguing, she’s interruptive, solutions it once more. However then when the viewers questions got here in, that is the place the connection happened and I assumed he was sharpening his case. 

FLEISCHER: In equity, I watched Biden tonight, I wasn’t capable of watch very a lot of Trump. I did that on goal.

HANNITY: The weak, the frail, the ever confused Joe Biden. However okay, thanks, Ari Fleischer. We admire it.

Additionally tonight, severe claims of public corruption proceed to now emerge surrounding Joe Biden and, in fact, zero expertise Hunter, his son. 

As we converse, Twitter, Fb are actively shielding and defending the Biden marketing campaign. The social media giants even froze the accounts of outstanding Republicans who dared to say Hunter’s alleged corruption, together with White Home Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. She was on this program final evening.

There are going calls now for main platforms to lose what are particular authorized protections not afforded to conventional media retailers as soon as they editorialize or as soon as they resolve to edit and resolve what the content material goes to be or what their approval is predicated on political opinion.

Now, Twitter and Fb, in the event that they need to act like MSDNC, they need to be handled like MSDNC as a result of let’s be clear, there are severe questions tonight surrounding zero expertise Hunter, his father, whether or not Twitter thinks so or not, whether or not Fb thinks so or not, these questions have to be answered. 

Joe, did you ever speak to your son about his abroad companies since you mentioned you did not however in actual fact we now know you probably did? Did you take part in any method in any of these enterprise endeavors? 

As a result of bear in mind on a number of events, Biden promised he by no means as soon as spoke to his son about his uncommon worldwide enterprise offers. There are actually emails that say simply the alternative. Twitter apparently would not need any of these questions requested or answered as a result of as a substitute of permitting additional dialogue, Twitter tried to banish the subject from its platform. Oh, seems like one other marketing campaign contribution to Joe Biden.

Fb actively limiting its distribution.

Nicely, immediately, Senator Ted Cruz summed it up fairly successfully. This is what he mentioned.


SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): And let me be very clear, Twitter is interfering on this election. They’re censoring the press. On the subject of Joe Biden, Twitter has determined that they’re utilizing their multi-billion greenback monopoly energy to attempt to silence all dialogue and preserve the voters ignorant. It’s
— massive tech censorship has at all times been dangerous however they actually crossed the road within the final 24 hours.

I am not conscious of their beforehand actively censoring main press retailers.


HANNITY: Senator Cruz is correct. For these tech giants, it isn’t about proper versus fallacious, or information versus lies. It isn’t concerning the high quality or journalistic integrity of a report. As a substitute, it is for them principally a marketing campaign contribution they usually too are an extension of the DNC and Biden camp by way of their press workplace and, in fact, going after Donald Trump and defending all issues Biden.

Make no mistake, Twitter, Fb, they don’t seem to be arbiters of reality, chilly, calculated political actors. As a matter of reality, the largest marketing campaign donors on this election cycle would be the media mob and sure, social media retailers. 

The Federalists identified, 11 main separate hacks, leaks, hoaxes that Twitter and Fb did not throttle as a result of they had been after Donald Trump. 
For instance, Twitter completely advantageous with customers publishing unlawful, unsourced leaks of Trump’s telephone name with the president of Ukraine. Additionally advantageous with the illegally leaked, unsourced, purported Trump tax returns. 

They had been fined with the authorized leak of a Flynn telephone name that resulted in his unmasking. That may be a severe felony. They had been advantageous with the tweets that had been spreading Steele’s soiled, unverified, now we all know Russian misinformation file. 

They had been completely advantageous with unfaithful and baseless smears towards Justice Kavanaugh. They had been advantageous with the slander of Nicholas Sandmann. 

And a day after blocking the Hunter Biden story, Twitter allowed the hashtag Eric Trump’s Ukraine scandal to pattern, though there is no such thing as a Eric Trump Ukraine scandal.

And get this, Twitter is even permitting propaganda from Iran and China and state-run media accounts from them and the listing goes on and on. 

And this, by the way in which, brings us to one thing often called Part 230. That you must be acquainted with it. It’s a authorized legal responsibility defend that many main social media corporations like Twitter, like Fb presently get pleasure from. And by the way in which, that basically protects them from being held liable from the content material that’s posted by their customers. 

Now, by — there are actually requires that safety to be stripped away. 
They need to be stripped away. If Twitter and Fb, they’ll editorialize and censor one political get together over one other and advocate one political candidate over one other, then maybe they need to be handled the identical as each different media outlet. 

For instance, you bought Humpty Dumpty over at faux information CNN — I do know he is listening and watching. He is obsessed — he was compelled to settle at his community with the Covington highschool scholar Nicholas Sandmann after getting sued for slandering him on the air, your complete community CNN. Not Humpty.

Twitter and Fb confronted no such go well with due to Part 230. That safety may quickly come to an finish if the 2 corporations proceed to censor content material primarily based on their apparent liberal and Joe Biden bias. 

In the meantime most media mob retailers have been doing their best possible to disregard any and all tales about zero expertise Hunter. Actually, a number of retailers had been really cheering the large tech censorship, together with “The New York Occasions”.

And tonight, no matter what Twitter and Fb need you to see, the information are clear. Hunter Biden — take a look at Ron Johnson who was on this program final evening — he made tens of millions of {dollars} whereas his father was vice chairman. A lot of that cash, for instance, somebody provided by a Ukrainian oligarch. In one other case, a Russian oligarch, former — oh first woman of Moscow. In one other case, to purchase a brand new automobile with a Kazakh oligarch, in addition to related members of China’s communist get together. They even received to go on 100 thousand greenback household spending spree.

You’ve got Chinese language nationals, Russian nationals, Kazakh nationals, Ukrainian nationals — why would all of those uber rich, well-connected international nationals be given zero expertise Hunter billions of {dollars}? Do not forget, $1.5 billion take care of the Financial institution of China with no expertise? 

“GMA”, Hunter mentioned, properly, you may have any expertise in oil? No. Fuel? No. 
Vitality? No. Ukraine? No.

Why do you suppose that they paid you tens of millions of {dollars}? I do not know. 
Perhaps as a result of your father is vice chairman accountable for Ukraine? Most likely.

In that case, Hunter was really truthful and proper. 

Now, it is time for Joe to reply, what did you actually know, when do you know it, and did you even financially profit from it?

And becoming a member of us now could be the senator was lengthy referred to as for giant tech corporations to be held accountable and he is pushing for leaders of Twitter and Fb to be introduced earlier than Congress subsequent week, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

Senator, okay, they’ve this Part 230 safety towards legal responsibility, however they’re editorializing, they’re deciding what content material is sweet and dangerous, and there’s a huge political bias.

SEN. JOSH HAWLEY (R-MO): Yeah, so here is the factor, Sean. What must occur is Individuals want to have the ability to sue these corporations. 

You already know, should you’ve been locked out of Twitter or if you cannot to distribute this “New York Publish” article on Fb, you ought to have the ability to sue `em. You could possibly do this with one other firm, however you may’t do it with Fb and Twitter and Google due to the particular sweetheart deal they get from the federal authorities. 

And, by the way in which, that is how they’ve gotten so massive and highly effective. They have not carried out this on their very own. They’ve gotten to be these monopolies as a result of the federal government 20 years in the past gave them this sweetheart deal, and it is time for it to finish.

HANNITY: OK. So that you watch what occurred right here. All proper, now we have Joe Biden on tape. 

Joe Biden bragging, you are not getting a billion {dollars}, I am — I am leaving right here in in six hours, you are not getting the billion {dollars} — he is telling this to Ukraine — until you fireplace the prosecutor. 

His title was Viktor Shokin. He has a reputation. He is given interviews, who’s investigating his son who’s making tens of millions with no expertise.

Now, I do not know, Senator. That seems like a quid and a professional and a quo with Joe, and tens of millions of {dollars} going to someone with zero expertise.

Now, I might like that deal. I guess you’d most likely like that deal. I guess most of America would love that deal. However but no person within the media even discusses it or touches it. 

What if Hunter’s final title was Trump? You suppose it will be completely different?

HAWLEY: Yeah. Oh, it would be a heck of loads completely different.

By the way in which, I really like the media howling now about the truth that the emails that “The New York Publish” revealed, they mentioned, oh, we do not know precisely the place these are from. 

I did not hear any such howling when “The New York Occasions” revealed Trump’s tax returns, which they virtually definitely received illegally. This is the purpose, if these emails are faux, if “The New York Publish” emails are faux, why is not the Biden marketing campaign on the market denying it? 

And the largest level of all is, why is Fb and Twitter, why are they doing the bidding of the Biden marketing campaign? Why is it that Joe Biden can snap his fingers and these monopolies, the largest monopolies in America simply do his bidding and refuse to permit this story to be reported?

Now, you’ve got received these tech corporations attempting to regulate journalism, attempting to regulate information, attempting to regulate what Individuals can speak about in a presidential election? And we have solely received 19 days to go.

It is unbelievable. It is a racket. It is collusion between Biden and the large tech corporations, and it is received to cease.

HANNITY: All proper. We will watch it intently.

All proper. As you watch the race unfold even with the entire bias, how do you assess? There are loads of powerful Senate races. For instance, Martha McSally, Corey Gardner, Joni Ernst, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Senator Perdue, Tillis.

Loads is hanging within the steadiness right here. How do you see the election with 19 days to go?

HAWLEY: I believe we’ll maintain the Senate. Nicely, it should be tight election, there is not any doubt about it.

HANNITY: Susan Collins, yeah.

HAWLEY: The massive tech placing their finger on the — on the size. Yeah, that is proper, there’s loads of powerful races on the market, however we’re going to maintain the Senate.

After all, I firmly imagine the president goes to be re-elected. My dwelling state of Missouri, he will win massive. So I believe the president’s going to get reelected. I imagine we’ll maintain the Senate.

And, Sean, we have to take motion proper now to carry these massive tech corporations accountable. They will proceed to do that. If we do not cease them now, if Republicans do not arise and do one thing about this, these corporations are going to run this nation. 

That is their need. These woke capitalists, they need to run America. Large authorities, massive tech, they need to run America. 

We have to cease them. We have to do one thing proper now.

HANNITY: All proper. Senator, thanks. 

We received loads of floor to cowl tonight. Apparently, Joe Biden open to packing america Supreme Courtroom. We’ve all the main points.

And arising, Hollywood liberals, members of the mob and the media have an absolute meltdown over NBC really doing a city corridor with President Trump, though it is abusively biased. We received the tape.

And C-Span suspending Steve Scully indefinitely after it was revealed that he lied about being hacked on Twitter. The nice one Mark Levin weighs in on that and extra.

The fascinating factor, what concerning the Fee on Presidential Debates that mentioned that they’re so truthful? No, they are not. We’ll clarify, straight forward.


MADDOW: All proper. Now, the mob, the media, they’re really turning on one another after NBC agreed to do a city corridor with President Trump. Oh my gosh, they let him speak. Probably not although. Concurrently the ever weak, frail, forgetful Joe Biden on ABC prompting outrage among the many Biden adoring followers and the media mob. 

Have a look.


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: Are you as mad as all people else’s that NBC is doing a city corridor with President Trump tomorrow as a substitute of the talk on the identical time that Vice President Biden’s going to be on ABC?



CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: The dueling city halls.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Sure, why on earth would NBC agree to do this?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In order that sells it. Now, I do know what I’ll do, I’ll vote for each of them, proper? 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thanks, NBC. First, “The Apprentice”, now this. Why not a brand new Invoice Cosby particular whereas we’re at it?


HANNITY: And, by the way in which, because the Hollywood hate machine additionally smeared the occasion claiming that it was a menace to democracy and, in fact, solely in far left Hollywood would this be thought of a scandal. 

Additionally breaking tonight, simply whenever you thought the media mob’s habits could not get any more strange, Steve Scully — the man from C- Span, one, you are imagined to be truthful and down the center that was scheduled to reasonable the second debate, Fee on Presidential Debates, he is been suspended indefinitely by C-Span as a result of he needed to admit that he lied about being hacked. I assume he was speaking with our outdated pal Anthony Scaramucci following that, properly, tweet to Anthony final week.

Let me be clear, this is not a scandal for Scully. It is a humiliation for the Debate Fee, they’re imagined to be a non-partisan group. 
It is also a scandal for the mob and the media which largely defended Scully. 

I’ve met the man. He is really a pleasant man, however now being compelled to backtrack.

For instance, faux information CNN’s Humpty the Dumpty Brian Stelter referred to as a, quote, true WTF, regardless of Stelter, Humpty himself, ignoring the scandal on his personal present. 

Nicely, now, in response, President Trump tweeted, quote: I used to be proper once more. 
Steve Scully simply admitted he was mendacity about his Twitter account being hacked. The talk was rigged.

Right here now, FOX Information contributor Mike Huckabee, together with media reporter for “The Hill”, Joe Concha, writer of “Do not Deceive Me”, the host of “Justice”, Decide Jeanine Pirro.

Governor Huckabee, you’ve got been in these debates. You already know, it is at all times a liberal media mob. Savannah Guthrie was so dangerous tonight, the truth that she would not know that the president has condemned time and again and once more white supremacy, David Duke, white nationalism, asking you do learn about QAnon. Governor, possibly you possibly can inform me if , as a result of folks have tried to elucidate it to me and I nonetheless don’t have any earthly concept what this factor is.

MIKE HUCKABEE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I do not know who follows it. I do not. 
You do not. The president would not.

What occurred tonight was simply shameful and it was another reminder that she was not a moderator, she was a participator. And if she needs to debate Donald Trump, let her get her title on the poll, she will go on the market like the remainder of us have carried out, learn the way disagreeable expertise that may be and let her debate Donald Trump.

However that is what I am so sick of. These debates are a joke. They are a TV present. They’re designed to select a winner. The winner has already been picked earlier than it begins.

And a minimum of Bob Dole who is among the nice statesmen of our time — I really like Senator Dole, and he is such a real American hero and statesman. And he mentioned that he is aware of all of the Republicans on this debate fee and never one in every of them would vote for Trump.

So I — they have been outed. It is simply shameful.

One closing factor I need to point out is that the little gentleman over at CNN that you just talked about, he mentioned, that is horrible Steve Scully being outed for mendacity as a result of it implies that the media status shall be decrease. And I tweeted out this afternoon, it could possibly’t get any decrease.

HANNITY: Yeah, it could possibly’t.

HUCKABEE: It is as little as it could possibly get.

HANNITY: It is about as little as it may be, which is a extremely good level.

Decide, I see you laughing.


JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST, “JUSTICE”: Nicely, it is true. I imply, they misinform us on a regular basis and I am simply uninterested in their mendacity. You already know, give it some thought, Sean, the truth that you’ve got received the — folks on tv and the Hollywood varieties who’re saying, , by permitting the president of america to really have a discussion board to speak to the American folks is dividing the nation, it is making folks select. This can be a horrible factor to do. They need to resolve what we should always hear if we should always hear it and after we ought to hear it. 

This can be a basic instance of fascism. We’re seeing it in social media. 
We’re seeing it on the left. We’re seeing the lunacy of the left the place folks on the view the ladies are saying that is the president attempting desperately to keep away from speaking about folks dying of the coronavirus.

You already know, these folks have misplaced it. They’ve completely misplaced it. And in the long run, they should not be upset as a result of based on their very own polls, there are double digits forward of Donald Trump.

However they’re so fearful that Donald Trump will sound smarter, look smarter, be capable to full a sentence that Joe Biden’s nonetheless stuttering on his first sentence when Donald Trump has answered 5 questions.

HANNITY: Nicely, I will really I really occur to be in favor. Let’s eradicate the format, you may have one man that does one factor or particular person — properly, man or woman, I do not care. One per — and that’s reasonable the time and ensure that every candidate in an hour and a half will get equal time. 
Wanting that, all people shut up and allow them to have at it.

Joe Concha, what do you suppose? Good concept, dangerous concept?

JOE CONCHA, MEDIA REPORTER FOR “THE HILL”: I agree with that utterly. 
Allow them to have at it. Take the moderator out all collectively as a result of we won’t belief the method at this level.

Let us take a look at this story, by the way in which, all proper? Notably a lesson on bias of omission. CNN, MSNBC, all the key information retailers didn’t cowl the Scully allegation when it first occurred by way of him claiming that he was hacked. Okay, they did not cowl the story, they coated for Steve Smollett — I am sorry Scully, I do not know the way that phrase received in my head.

And now, look, what now we have right here, all proper?


HANNITY: Simply blame Twitter, say Twitter did it, you say your mind was hacked, you may be advantageous.

CONCHA: Yeah, good level. 

Look, the underside line is there, there was a inform right here. We talked about it final week, Sean, proper? Steve Scully by no means put out an announcement denying it. 
Boy, that is a giant inform, proper?

And if I am a hacker and I get right into a presidential debate moderators account, the very first thing I’ll do and the one factor I’ll do is ship out the Scaramucci tweet, so that did not make any mistake. That did not make any sense by any means.

However the Debate Fee right here, they canceled so rapidly on the second debate, did not they? They did not even seek the advice of with the campaigns so far as, okay, can we discover one other date right here? Bear in mind, 75 million folks watched these debates they usually pulled out so quick after this Scully controversy emerged as a result of they realized that this might be an issue as a result of he is most likely mendacity primarily based on all of the issues that I mentioned right here.

So, the underside line is on reflection, the vetting course of — 


HANNITY: I do not even need the man fired.

CONCHA: Let me end, when the moderators — when the moderator places out a tweet in 2016 of an op-ed from “The New York Occasions” saying — 

HANNITY: Precisely.

CONCHA: — no, not Trump, not ever, that ought to be it. He mustn’t reasonable the talk. 

PIRRO: Proper.

CONCHA: When he interned for Joe Biden, when he labored for Ted Kennedy, all these issues, that is it. He would not get to reasonable the talk. 

The underside line is Steve Scully is now suspended indefinitely. His profession could also be over for all we all know with C-Span.

In the meantime, MSNBC’s Pleasure Reid, she will get a promotion after mendacity about being hacked on her Twitter account. And that tells me — 


HANNITY: I may be probably the most liberal particular person on this panel tonight.

CONCHA: — media immediately.

HANNITY: I believe Scully ought to come out and apologize, and if he means it’s honest, why do you need to see the man’s profession get blown up, I am not in favor of — yeah, I simply do not know get.

CONCHA: However he victimizes himself, Sean.

HANNITY: However you are proper, he by no means ought to have been picked which is your level and I agree with.

And, Governor Huckabee, I do not know possibly I am feeling very beneficiant tonight my liberalness — 

PIRRO: Yeah, extra.

HANNITY: — I really suppose Savannah Guthrie being abusively biased and interruptive as she was tonight gave the president a fantastic alternative to point out, okay, take a look at the media for who they’re, as a result of they’re the largest contributors to Joe Biden and all issues Democratic Celebration immediately.

HUCKABEE: Nicely, you may’t hit a house run off a gradual pitch. You already know, you need the fastball, that is the place you hit the house runs into the third deck.

The president denied racism and white supremacy over 20 instances on video, and if she did not know that, she is very ill-prepared for the talk.

You might be 100 % proper about eliminating the talk moderator. You do not want one, flip a clock on. Each candidate will get the identical period of time in the event that they interrupt one other candidate. That goes towards their time.

Lincoln Douglas did not have a moderator. You already know, we have not gotten higher with presidential debates, we have gotten worse.

HANNITY: I might prefer to see the president problem Joe. No moderator, two hours and see if Joe can take the warmth. Beneath these circumstances, simply get equal period of time.

On the finish of the day, Mr. President, goodbye, he is received 15 extra minutes. 
That is the way you do it, or, Joe, you are carried out, your time is up.

All proper. Thanks all.

Boy, by the way in which, additionally tonight, Joe Biden is getting a softball city corridor interview over at ABC, apparently a whole catastrophe. Once more, Biden tonight trying weak and frail and stumbling over most of the solutions. He is flipped and flopped on fracking but once more. 

He even mentioned tonight he is — I am towards packing the courtroom however I am open to it. I will contemplate it.

He mentioned voters should know the place they usually’ll discover out after he sees what occurs with Amy Coney Barrett’s affirmation. Oh, now, we received an earlier date.

And, in fact, not one query about zero expertise Hunter and all these shady abroad enterprise offers.

Right here to react to all of it, he is wound up tonight. He authored the primary bestseller “Unfreedom of the Press”, host of “Life, Liberty, & Levin” 
proper right here on FOX. It is primary present at 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening, the good one.

Nicely, I assume there’s nothing a lot to speak about, Mark. I assume, good to see you.


You already know, I believe the query for Joe Biden should not be — not do you denounce white supremacy, however are you continue to a white supremacist? I believe that might be an excellent query for Joe Biden. Perhaps Ms. Guthrie would ask that of him.

And Steve Scully — Steve Scully, do not feel sorry for him. He is received jobs lined up I am certain at CNN and MSNBC. That Wolf Blitzer seems slightly lengthy within the tooth, possibly he may substitute his slot.

I need to get into this — this corrupt, the household — the Biden mob household and the patriarch Joe Biden who would not know something that is happening, every thing’s happening round him, all types of nations concerned, all types of companies, tens of millions and tens of millions of {dollars} coming into his household, however Joe would not know something. Anyone, imagine it? 

Let me learn this. This virtually seems like a Valentine, Sean. 

Pricey Hunter, thanks for inviting me to D.C. and giving a chance to fulfill your father and spend a while collectively. 

It seems like a girlfriend, would not it? 

Spend a while collectively. It is actually an honor and a pleasure. 

But it surely wasn’t a girlfriend. It was the quantity two government at Burisma.

Now, why is that this vital? I need to preserve it easy. Not loads of sophisticated names and every thing else. Joe Biden mentioned he did not have the foggiest concept, repeatedly, what his son was doing with Ukraine or Burisma. 
You already know, he is busy, he is vice chairman, busy screwing up the swine flu and screwing up the financial system, he would not have time for his son.

He would not ask his son, the place’d you get all this cash? What’d you do immediately? How’s your profession? Not a phrase apparently, very unusual group.

Okay, Joe Biden has mentioned he did not know something. However then a couple of months later, he makes a name to the prosecutor within the Ukraine and principally says hey layoff — principally says, you might be to stop otherwise you’re to be fired, in any other case we’ll maintain — withhold a billion {dollars} from you. And he says one has nothing to do with the opposite, the media soar in they usually say, properly, the European Union did not need him anyway, the prosecutor.

You already know, there will be two truths on the identical time. Perhaps the European Union did not need the prosecutor, however clearly the Biden household did not need the prosecutor both.

And so, here is the issue, Joe Biden is a liar. Joe Biden did know. He knew. He met with the man.

And let me inform you what the marketing campaign mentioned, Biden’s marketing campaign would not rule out the chances — that is “Politico”, left-wing “Politico”, that the previous vice chairman had some type of casual interplay with this Ukrainian government of Burisma, which would not seem on Biden’s official schedule, as a result of the primary lie that they got here out with was he wasn’t on the official schedule. Nicely, in fact, he isn’t on the official schedule.

However should you take a look at that schedule, there’s greater than an 80-minute hole, bear in mind the Nixon tapes? There’s like a two-hour hole within the morning and a two-hour hole within the afternoon. So, that is not determinative.

So did Biden speak to this man or not? Nicely, I believe that is a wonderfully good query.

Now, now we have these emails. “The New York Publish” places them out. We all know that the Silicon Valley’s within the again pocket of Biden. We all know that Fb is corrupt. We all know that Twitter’s corrupt. They’d be happier in Pink China as a result of that is the type of perspective that they’ve, we received all that.

However right here, the media in America, you now have emails, you may have texts, you may have names, you may have dates, you may have instances, why the hell will not you comply with up on it? I will inform you why they will not comply with up on it, as a result of they’re going to get solutions they do not like.

Now, we’re advised properly this have to be Russian disinformation. Was it Russian disinformation about China too, or is that China disinformation? And why is it that Hunter retains exhibiting up?

And take into consideration this, for it to be Russian disinformation, they must have a Hunter Biden’s laptop computer given to this man in Delaware. This man in Delaware must sit on that laptop computer for 3 months, Hunter Biden would not decide it up. It is received footage of Hunter apparently having intercourse and doing medication and 40,000 emails that the Russians are excellent apparently.

After which this man, they need to know that this man’s going to show it over to the FBI, they need to know that this man goes to name Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer they usually should know that is how it should work. How silly is all this?

The actual fact is Joe Biden is a liar and that household is corrupt, and in terms of China, it is even worse. You need to take a look at these emails. Can we confirm these emails? Nicely, media, go take a look at them.

I spoke to Rudy Giuliani immediately, mentioned no person’s requested to take a look at them. You need to take a look at `em go forward and take a look at `em. 

They speak about $10 million yearly, quote, for introductions alone. That is Hunter Biden’s — even introductions alone. The chairman modified that deal — this can be a communist Chinese language firm — after we met in Miami to a way more lasting and profitable settlement, to create a holding firm, 50 % owned by me, 50 % owned by him. That may be the communist Chinese language.

We’re speaking about 2017 now. Biden’s not vice chairman. What do they speak about there?

Nicely, Biden’s going to get a chunk of the motion. Which Biden? Joe, they speak about Joe getting a chunk of the motion. Is that true? I do not know. 
Will they ask him? Will they ask Joe Biden about it?

And what can we get immediately? We get the everyday “Washington Publish” hit piece on who? Rudy Giuliani.

You see, the problem is not Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and all of the corruption and the tens of millions of {dollars}. The difficulty is none of that. No, the problem is just not Rudy Giuliani. It is just like the Russia hoax, it is like all that stuff. 

4 former officers acquainted with the matter say that the Russians had been attempting to get their claws into Rudy. No names, talking on the situation of anonymity to debate delicate data and conversations. The warnings to the White Home — so it is Rudy Giuliani that now we have to be careful for.

Now, women and gents, here is the deal — Rudy Giuliani is an effective man, they usually can assault all of them they need. It would not reply the emails. It would not reply the texts. One has nothing to do with the opposite.

And what? Our president was impeached for a hell of loads lower than this, a wonderfully advantageous telephone name. We have textual content. We have emails. 
We received DNA, we received instances, we received dates.

And the New York slimes and the Washington compost — properly, they’re defending their boy, Joe Biden. They are not . That is it.

HANNITY: One different factor, we did have Russian interference. Hillary Clinton’s purchased and paid for soiled Russian misinformation file. She paid for it.

LEVIN: Yeah.

HANNITY: They warned about it. Steele had an agenda. They knew that the supply for the file was a identified Russian contact for 10 years they usually used it, anyway.

Thanks, Nice One.

Developing, police automobile set a fireplace in Seattle with officers contained in the automobile. 
Rick Leventhal has a report. Dan Bongino, Matt Gaetz, straight forward.


HANNITY: A suspect has been arrested for finishing up a vicious assault towards America’s law enforcement officials. Once more in Seattle, it allegedly includes burning a police car whereas an officer was contained in the car. 

Our personal Rick Leventhal standing by from FOX Information, our West Coast bureau, with the very newest. 

Rick, wow. 


Within the first two as a result of after the dying of George Floyd, greater than 725 law enforcement officials had been injured in antipolice protests, and lots of extra have been damage since then, together with almost 500 in New York Metropolis. However this most up-to-date assault occurred in an alley in Seattle this afternoon. An officer responding to a name of a person brandishing a flaming piece of lumber.

And when the cop rolled up, the suspect, by way of the blazing two-by-two into the patrol car, which caught fireplace with the officers nonetheless inside. 
An eyewitness says the officers opened fireplace on the assailant. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The officers is sitting on the opposite facet of the car and he is really firing pictures because the car was rolling, the cop falls to the bottom. Fortunately, it did not roll over. 


LEVENTHAL: The suspect tried to flee however different police arriving on scene chased him into a close-by parking storage, tased him and took him into custody. The injured officer was hospitalized with what had been described as nonlife-threatening burns. His car, as you may see, destroyed. 

One other instance of the random risks our police face daily and evening in America, with 32 officers fatally shot within the line of responsibility this 12 months alone, Sean. 

HANNITY: All proper, Rick. Prayers for the law enforcement officials in every single place underneath assault of an assault across the nation. Thanks. 

Dueling city halls tonight over at, properly, ABC. Biden is flip-flopping on fracking went unquestioned but once more — as soon as once more requested that he was by no means for fracking. Biden can not seem to make up his thoughts on that concern.

However in the course of the main, he and Kamala Harris needed to ban fracking. Now he’s saying the alternative once more. Have a look. 


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I’m not, not, not banning fracking, interval. 

However, kiddo, I need you to simply have a look, okay? You do not have to agree, however I need you to look in my eyes. 

I assure you, I assure you we’re going to finish fossil gas and I’m not going to cooperate with them, okay? 

No extra, no new fracking. 

DEBATE MODERATOR: Will there be anywhere for fossil fuels together with coal and fracking in a Biden administration? 

BIDEN: Now, we’d work it out. We might be sure it is eradicated and no extra subsidies for both a kind of. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Would you decide to implementing a federal ban on fracking your first day in workplace? Including america to the listing of nations who’ve banned this devastating follow? 

HARRIS: There is not any query I am in favor of banning fracking, so sure. 


HANNITY: Yeah, they’re going to need to ban fracking. Now we do not need to ban fracking as a result of we need to win Pennsylvania and Ohio, so we’ll say no matter we have to say. 

Though Joe did admit tonight, properly, I do not like the thought of courtroom packing however I am open to it. 

Becoming a member of us, writer of “Observe the Cash,” Dan Bongino, writer of “Firebrand” and that might describe him, that is Matt Gaetz, Florida congressman. 

All proper. Joe would not should reply questions on Hunter, enterprise dealing. He flips and flops and flails on fracking, taxes, the Supreme Courtroom, packing the Supreme Courtroom.

Matt, your take? 

REP. MATT GAETZ (R-FL): The Joe Biden city corridor I noticed wasn’t very a lot enjoyable. 

You already know, Biden cannot be the commander-in-chief. He can barely be the commander of a sentence. And repeatedly, I believe he was confronted with flip-flops and circumstances that confused his voters.

And also you examine that to the Trump city corridor, the president was not solely in command and interesting, he was extremely charming, whether or not it was with the mom and daughter the place he talked about teaming as much as win the daughter’s vote, or whether or not he was responding to frontline well being care staff or folks involved concerning the financial system. 

And I believe one purpose he was so charming is the Trump city corridor was packed full of girls. I imply, there have been extra ladies within the Trump city corridor than in a Invoice Clinton sizzling tub, and I believe NBC Information would’ve thought that was going to backfire on the president, however in actual fact it gave him a platform to have the ability to present, I believe, an actual charming facet of himself. 

HANNITY: After all, your e book is known as “Firebrand.” 

Dan Bongino? 

DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Nicely, hear, we all know Biden is a con man, and if these devastating emails are in actual fact confirmed and authenticated, Sean, Biden ought to actually step out of the race. Oh, my gosh, you may’t say that. I simply did. 

As a result of it opens up a ton of questions that implicate us in nationwide safety questions we actually do not need to take into consideration, like what else does China have on Joe Biden? 

HANNITY: Yeah — 

BONGINO: What’s, , 10 for Hunter — what?

HANNITY: I’ve received a break however you might be 100 % proper. He is compromised –
– straight forward. 


HANNITY: All proper. Sadly, that is on a regular basis now we have left, 19 days, you’re the final jury. Hope you set your DVR. By no means miss an episode.

Let not your coronary heart be concerned. The butterball turkey fryer is within the mail, on its method to Laura Ingraham’s Home. 

You had been brutal final evening. You might be simply brutal. 

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